Amazing Photography In the World……!!!

Atlantic Ocean—Swelling to more than 30 feet across, a school of blue jack mackerel achieves a harmony that belies its purpose: safety from predators. The fish broke apart and reformed off the Azores as dolphins, birds, and sharks pecked away at the pack.

Italy—A plastic swordfish head—possibly a cast replica—makes a curious companion for fish enthusiast Maria Agnese Cornaro, of Canelli. She received the head as a gift years ago, after hosting a town exhibition of people’s aquariums.

England—Sporting feathery gills, a Mexican axolotl, about six inches long, paddles around a West Sussex fish tank. The unusual salamander species, whose numbers are dwindling in the wild, retains its larval features as an adult.

England—Just four days old and 2.5 inches long, an abandoned hoglet—as baby hedgehogs are often called—snuggles up to a folded towel at a rescue center in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Warmth and cleanliness are vital to keeping the tiny animals healthy.

Australia—Anzac the kangaroo and Peggy the wombat—each about five months old—snuggle at the Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre in Kilmore, Victoria. Both animals’ mothers were killed by cars. Officials hope to return them to the wild eventually.

Russia—A rainbow of hula hoops swirls around Svetlana Pavlova, a dancer in a traveling circus troupe of short-statured performers who call themselves the Light of the Little Stars.

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