Amazing Cool Pictures in the World….!!!!!!

Blanket-draped yaks hunker down outside a young Kyrgyz couple’s yurt on the eve of a summer trading journey. Made of interlaced poles covered with felt, these portable homes are packed up and reassembled for seasonal migration. Wooden doors are imported to the treeless plateau from lower altitudes.

Kayaks crowd Three Sisters Springs, where people and manatees maintain a controversial coexistence.

In Japan the nighttime viewing of cherry blossoms in spring, like these at Kyoto’s Hirano Shrine, is a special event.

After a hailstorm, nomadic Kyrgyz girls venture outside their mud hut beside the Aksu River in a remote part of Afghanistan.

Propeller scars mark this Manatee—graphic evidence of a too-close encounter with a boat. About one in four of Florida’s 360 manatee deaths in 2012 resulted from collisions.

With eight arms spanning less than a yard, a German MikroKopter provides a stable camera platform for under $5,000.

From the bromeliads, ferns, and orchids that cover a kapok tree 160 feet above the forest floor to the jaguars that prowl below.

A female Eurasian otter searches for prey in a river in western England. An otter’s eyes become more convex underwater, the better to see fish.

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