Different types Of mountains Views With Sunrays………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken in Spain (Parque natural “Sierra de Grazalema”). In meadows where cattle during heavy rains, many small gaps are formed. These ponds raised slightly eutrophic freshwater algae. These algae live with herbaceous plants and when the lakes freeze very attractive compositions are created. Here we appreciate frozen bubbles and lines formed on thawing. This occurs when the temperature rises past dawn. I used macro lens because this wild geranium leaf (Erodium sp.) is very small.

Amazing moments when rays of sun appear at sunrise its only last for a few seconds, still water, reflection and a fisherman passing thru.

This pic was taken in Cappadocia near Love Valley. The sunrise was very beautiful but the frame was full of flare from the direct sunlight coming into the lens. Then one of the balloons covered the sun for a fraction of a second, I pressed the shutter then. No flare, it was a lucky shot.

Karijini National Park in WA is one of the largest and most photogenic national parks in Australia. The park is famous for its sheer gorges, waterfalls, sparkling rock pools and cool swimming holes. Karijini is about 275km south of Port Hedland and 100km east of Tom or Paraburdoo. The park is all about exploring serpentine tunnels of marbled rock, clambering over boulders, squeezing through narrow tunnels, inching your way along ledges, paddling through subterranean waterways and descending deep into chasms which have been eroded into the landscape over two billion years.

Morning in Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil. This charming and fantastic church of São Pedro, was laying at the ocean, a calm and serene scene. Wind was blowing fast, so I decided to show the cloud movement using a ND filter.

Location: Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

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