Silence is Represented by pictures ….!!

Palestinian refugee child living in Geziret Fadel, one of the biggest Palestinian refugee communities in Egypt.

A Bison crossing the Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone National Park, US

Location: Yellowstone National Park, US

The picture was taken from Dachstein glacier catching the last sunbeam before the Sun fell behind the Alps. A storm was approaching blowing the snow. If we wanted to show how the World will die, this could have been a proper scene.

India is a buzling country. As an Western Photographer its hard to find a place where you are not bothered. I’m trying to find the ‘silence’ in my photography.

Kayaking Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand was the highlight of our trip. This photo captures the start of our journey with the sun just reaching the tops of the mountains, a few lingering clouds, the perfectly calm water, and one of the waterfalls cascading down the massive cliffs on both sides of the Sound.

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