Happy Republic Day 2018 HD Images Free Download

After declaration of purna swaraj(Independence day), it was 2 years of work (on 26th January 1950) to define the State of India and  rules should follow by Government..

REPUBLIC DAY celebrates our state  & who maintain government like -army forces, air forces e.t.c…

Now We are celebrating 69th Republic day this year A WISH YOU HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY (26th January 2018)




Interesting Facts about Republic Day

Indian has a longest written constitution in the whole world.

We are going to celebrate The Republic Day over 3 days and it ends on 29th January with abide with me (Christian Song) which is favourite song of Gandhiji.

the India constitutions has Hand written in two languages (Hindi & English)which are kept in helium filled cases.. preserved in Parliament Library.

The celebrations take place in Raj Pathi Bhavan . Almost all the events happen in the stretch between Rashtrapathi Bhavan to India Gate.

on the occasion of  Republic Day

Felicitate the peoples who sacrificed their life’s to the nation were awarded by the Honorable President of the India.

presentations of different Cultures of different states , greatness of India & schemes of implemented by Government e.t.c…

national bravery Awards(children who rescue lives of peoples)  awarded by the president of India

A wish a Happy Republic day and Salute the areal hero’s who saving our lives.

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