Good Morning ~ Definitely you will Agree with this one..!

Definitely you will Agree with this one..!!!
True Love isn’t Romeo and Juliet who Died together….

It’s Grandma & Grandpa, Who Grew Old Together..**♥**


Sometimes you have to accept that things won’t ever change, no matter how much time, effort and thought you put into it.

Really need a vacation

Miami Beach , southern tip of Florida, USA

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk Where the fairies come, Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Kupu Kupu Barong, a luxury boutique hotel ,Ubud, Bali

Breath-Taking View of Hawaii

Awesome glass floored Villa

Missing you isn’t what hurts, it’s knowing that I once had you that breaks my heart.

Falling in love wid YOU was not my intention…
But now it turnd out into my addiction ♥♥

♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥ ____ ♥
That Moment when…..,
You both stop Kissing,
Look at Each other,
Giggle and then Kiss Again… :)) *♥*


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