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Kasab is suffering from Dengue.. That mosquito surely deserves a Bharat Ratna !!!=))

Some time we fail to understand the feelings of
very close people in our life.. Bcoz.,
A book held very nearer to Eyes is very difficult to read..!!!

“Your religion is like your mother. Just because your intended spouse is demanding that you adopt your mother-in-law as your dear mother, you are not going to abandon your birth mother!” — Mahathma Gandhi.

బాగా తాగి వున్నావు కదా..? నడవగలవా..? ఒక తాగుబోతుతో అన్నాడు యస్.ఐ.

“నడవలేకనే కదండీ… కారు తోలుతున్నాను” చెప్పాడు తాగుబోతు. 😛


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