Good Morning & Never feel sad on losing anything in your life

If one can do it, You too can do it. If none can do it, You must do it! -Japanese Proverb

i don’t hate u for not loving me. i hate my self still i loving u……….:-(

Never feel sad on losing anything in your life because Whenever a Tree loses its leaf, a new leaf is Ready to take its place!!

Keep silence … be mute … Dont look for fame .. Ride your horse into the souls rose garden instead .. I have a rose there waiting for you .. !
if you have not yet become the tongue of God , be an Ear..

Once … Chosen the Color of sketch pen was a toff task …
Catching the window seat in a bus was an Obsesn…
Getting a tofi as a b’day treat from a friend made our day …
Being de 1st 2 finish copying from the blakboard was the moment of pride ..
Hidden ur anser from your partner was not called selfishness…
Wen homewrk was the last tortur..
Sleeping early was a routine ..
Sad …..
those days are long gon … But Hop not the Child inside us is gon !!
All Beautiful Memmories!!

Silent lips may avoid many problems , But smiling lips may solve many problems !!

People say that, in love, forgive and forget.
I say, how can I forgive someone who broke my heart, and forget someone who once was my everything ???


Cute Cake!!!

Amazing waterfall in New Zealand


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