Wonderful Morning Quotations on Self Esteem | Funny Jokes

By Being Yourself,
you put something Wonderful in the world,
that was not there before..!!!

I might not be someone’s First Choice, but I am a Great Choice;
I may not be Rich but I’m Unique & Valuable;
I don’t pretend to be someone because I’m Good at being Me;
I may not be Perfect but I’m Proud of who I am Today.!!
“Believe in your Self-Esteem”


Have a great Day 4

What a Business Plan.!!!

1. Hold sign that says “Free Hugs”

2. Whisper during the Hug, “It’s $50 to let go..!!!” 😉



the optimist creed

Will be helpful for homemakers

Intelligent Student.

Balance Diet of women's

hahahahaha Yes The last letter!

hahahahaha Yes The last letter

Intelligent Student.

So expressive!

So expressive


Nice images



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