Compliments For Venkat Mails

Rajesh Mallela 
Hai Bhayya…
This is Rajesh Mallela…. one of the fans of VENKAT MAILS…
I think now a days people are addicted to FACEBOOK… ORKUT…
Apart those we are addicted to  VENKAT MAILS..
the day is not fulfilled without your mails..
Fly High…
Thank U..
sruthi bulusu
Your mails are a kind of relief in stress, a motivation during depression, an inspiration in a path towards success and mostly they give us a good beginning of the day 🙂
Keep going…………
Congratulations Venkat!

You are a Great Creative Architect in posting Message Oriented Mails.

Asan bes

Hai Venkat,
Much More Congratulations for ur hard work venkat,Ur a reason to make
me smile in morning and change my mood in to warm,thank u much more
for ur hard work,keep going,more wishes,warms to u venkat,take care,by
Devipriya Bathina
Kudos to your mails, patience and interest  in collecting such stuff and sharing..juzz love them all
keep going.. Good job buddy

The quotations u’ve sent, the images u’ve introduced to us, the way u sent the messages….these are all showing ur character sir…THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO……MUCH for ur mails….


Asha HR
Dear Venkat,Daily Morning, I wait for your mais which are really good and very inspirational stuff.
I feel like I was in fantasy life once I opened the mail with beautiful images collection
Thanks alot for the wonderful stuff, recommended to all in my list
    I*m very lucky and happy to get Venkat Mails every day.
Sunil Bhadu
Dear Venkat Your mails are so funny, so interesting as well as inspiring and photos are also amazing that any one can get addicted to it. Keep going on, my best wishes are with you.
priya sharma 
Hi Venkat,
Its an extreme pleasure to read your mails,in fact they became a part of life
Tanmaya Sahu 
Hi Venkat,
Your mails or so funny and very interesting. Really u r
doing very nice job through sending mails keep it up best of luck.
Lakshmi, L.N. (Narayana) 

Hi Venkat,




I am very happy to being a number of your mailing Group. Your efforts are deserved for reaching 10000 peoples. Keep up the good work. We would like to hear the announcement that your and our group is reached one 100000 and ………. In soon. For sure it will happen.







manoharan venkatachalam
Congratulations.  You are living in our hearts. Long and continue your entertainments.
V. Manoharan
Chennai. 37
surya santhosh kumari
Hiii your collections are simply superb loved it… keep going on like this thanks for ur mails venkat… 🙂
Baskar Baskar 
keep going brother lot of distance to be moved
I don*t have an idea to how I honor and praise You…You are the Great.
hai venkat,
i just want to say that your mails are nice and
somewhat motivational…….but i dont know y u r always mocking the
హాయ్ sir,
*శ్రీ రామనవమి  శుభాకంసలు *
వెంకట్ గారు మీ మెయిల్స్  మాకు రావేకపోవడం వలన శ్రీ రామనవమి గ్రీటింగ్స్ వాళ్ళ తో sare చేస్కో లేక పోయాము,
ఏంటి సర్ కారణం మీ మెయిల్స్ కోసం ఎప్పటివరకు కూడా wait చేశా రాకపోయేసరికి doubt వచ్చింది,మీ మెయిల్ ఫై నమ్మకం తో చూస్తుంటాం ప్రతిరోజు తెలుసా సర్ !       Thanks and Regards:

mahaboob bi shaik
Very good morning venkat g……. have  anice day…. thanks for all ur mails…..really u r making my face to get smile and beauty of this world of nature…… thanks a lot
Selvam Kannan
hi venkat sir,  very goodmorning.
daily i fresh in my work only your mail was the boost of my energy.  if oneday i have not receive the day was so sad and pour. i enjoy it. lots of thanks to you.
Hi your messages are superb & awesome. Congrats,
hello sirThis is sathiya.sir enaku english little bit i know.neega anupura pictures enku romba usefulla iruku.en manasu romba santhoshama iruku.neenga anupura pictures enaku happy iruku. thank u sir.
VS Param
It is indeed an unforgettable and note-worthy mile stone in your life made possible by your sustained efforts and concern for keeping others happy.
God bless you.
Satisha Kodi
your mails are awesome………..thank you………..
      ‘M nt getting ur mails and I cnt able to veiw ur greetings…im intrested in friends and inspiration greetings
Sanju Sandey
hi really ur msgs r rock…….thank u so much for ur msgs venkat
Kalai Vani
Ur collection was amazing…Dear.
I didnt get ur mails since 3 days. I felt these days not good to me. Please daily continue to send the emails
 Nilkanth Damle
Your daily mails are wonderful and quite interesting. I know this is not a easy job.
Thanks and regards,
 sai bharath lomada 
ur mails are simply superband intrsting
nani k
your mails are so grate
Sindhu Gudla 
Hi Venkat Garu,

Really awesome collection…….


I am so excited, thank you for the wonderful collection……

Wish you all the best for the rest and keep posting these incredibles…..



Dear Venkat
Good morning
All of your mails are thoughtful and very interesting to know more about nature, art, health, culture etc…
Thank you
Good keep it up.
Prathima keerthivasan 
your mails are very helpful for me venkat……

i want to receive ur mails daily…….

Mee Photo Selection Superb Sir…Really Hats Off Sir…ThnQ..Sir.
Ashu Nair 
Greetings of the day.

What happened, sir as there are no mails from your group from 9 April 2013?

shariff ams
y no mail from 1 week
Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Hi Venkat,
You are not sending any mail from last 2 days.
we are very much waiting for your mails. Infact we are addicted for your good morning mail.
Hope you will send today..
and Advance Happy new year 2013.
Warm Regards,
Harsha Vardhan Reddy
sarita kuchya

How r u?

What happen?

Why r u not sending me your nice mail?


Sarita Kuchya 
shobana shobi
Hi Venkat Anna,

Your mails are very nice……. Thanks for your mail.

Shilpa Bapat 
Hi to all of u ..Thanks… Really moral story is good & Pictures r supurb…Keep it up
of sending such beautiful moral stories & I also liked your another
mail Apple & Blackbeery…

I am anxiously waiting & watching your (Always keep smiling …) Title
mails. U r doing good job(Samaj seva)

Again thanks…

Gopal Krishna
hi venkat,
your mails are superb man where did you collect these??????????
really superb
Hi venkat,woww really superb venkat. great collection. How can u find these are all. Daily u r sending different different mails.

keep sending.

Thank you
manasa bijjam
Asha Sarika
u r msg’s are soooooooo………nice,beautiful, to
forward u r msg’s to others,because if i sent u r msg’s to others the
picture will not displayed. wt to do.

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