Congratulations! VenkatMails reached another Milestone of 10,000 Members!

Hi Friends! I’m super happy today and nothing in this whole wide world can bring it down. Sensing a little achievement from the inside.

I am extremely happy to inform you all that our Venkat Mails Group ( has reached a milestone of 10,000 members.:):)  What a day to truly celebrate. Its a golden day for me and for my dream and passion of making my group a popular one. It would not have been possible with out your support and encouragement and your regular inspiring feedback given to me, has always kept me going with new ideas and thoughts 🙂

From the bottom of my heart! Thank You all the 10K members for being a part of my group. Without you this group would not exist and together we have reached out to people all over the world and we have made a difference in people’s lives. Hope to receive the same support and encouragement in future too to reach many more such happy milestones.

I added a hop to my step,
And a smile to my face.
A whistle on my lips,
And made my world a happy place.

The feeling is amazing when someone appreciates what I do. Joy doubles when shared.. and so here I am doubling my joy. Thanks to all my group members who serve as a constant encouragement to me!

Trying to spread cheer always… Keep reading my posts at (

Below are the recent compliments for VenkatMails.

Compliments for VenkatMails


hello venkat ji,
u’r mails are simply  fabulous and flabber gasting. there is a saying that “eating an apple daily keeps the doctor away” but  according to me that”going through u’r messages daily  keeps negative thoughts away“…………..iam very much grateful to you for this excellent contribution of such lovely and inspirational thoughts.
with regards

Madhu Madhuri
Hi ,
I just wana appreciate you for the awesome work you are doing..The mails which you send to the mailbox are absolutely wonderful & very informative ….Thanks for the very idea of doing such a nice service Wishing you a happy & successful life ahead ! ….Thanks

Sree swap
Hi Venkat,
for your collection of mails. You have gained so many hearts with your mails. Amazing work and keep rocking as always.
Wish you all the success and peace throughout your life.


Tejaswini Para
Hi Venkat..

You are really awesome man…
I cant image my day without your mail…I am very much addicted to that…
Please keep doing the same thing in the future too….
Once again thanks a lot for each and every single mail…:):)


Hi bro, you have been awesome at your work. Since, the moment, that I had subscribed to your mails, I was able to know a lot of crazy things around me. You are too good at, capturing the attention of people, and that’s my personal opinion. I just called you as bro, because we have similarities in our names  . So, keep sending your mails and all the best for your future…
Krishnadev Muppaneni
hello venkat anna….
your mails are awesome….
“apude ipoinda mail” anipistundi……
scroll down chestune undali anipistundi….
waiting for ur mails everyday………
got addicted to ur mails……….:):):):)

Hi Venkat,

I really Applause for your Creative Brilliance.  Great Going!!!!

Thank you Very Much for your Most Respectful and Meaningful  Emails.



VS Param
I find your mails ‘Brighter and More Sparkling’ than the Diwali crackers!!.
My best wishes to you, your family and dear-and-near ones for a very
Happy and Colourful Diwali.

pravalika angel

hey haiiiiiiiiiiiii hero………
i see your mails every day,realyyyyyyyy it was an nice experience to see ur mails.
first-of-all congreats for your success.
hope you give ur best more and more by the grace of god.
have a great night swt drmzzzzzzzzzzz.
ur’s sweet stella (pravalika).

Menon Chandru 
Dear Venket,

What to say… no words to praise you. what a beautiful pictures you are sending us. Really excllent mails. keep sending me plz.

My ibox are full of venket mails. i stre all your mails. i cant explain … about your mails… no words.  thanks a lot venket really thank u so much

Jagadish Reddy
Hai Venkat garu,
The mails which you are sending to me are very nice, thanq for sending, hope i get more mails from you in coming days. But compared to previous months now i am receiving less mails from you…hope u continue more mails from now onwards….
i have few questions for you :
i have seen that venkat mails is in yahoo group,google group and also u hav a blog named venkat mails so are all these sites same or different??
1) if different then should i have to subscribe in all the sites??
2)if same then can i know how you linked all these sites please??
Thanq in advance

Dhanya Ramadurai

hallo mr. venkat!
ur mails r osm and they nvr fail 2 make me smile! i’m glad i subscribed!! thnks 4 taking the trouble 2 send me a mail everyday!!!

really u r doing very nice job through sending mails………keep it up………best of luck.

sai sravan


You’ll get these kind of mails because of ur dedication… Keep rocking 🙂

Good day!!

Manoharan Marimuthu
Dear Venkat,

I enjoy your “Goog Morning Friends” mails sooooooooooo much . I adore and
share them with my family and friends.

I am full of appreciation for your service .

Vazhga Valamudan !
M Manoharan

 sai mounika 

hello sir… am vry impressed by ur collection mails r awesme n can u plz forword beautifull paintings n sketchs they r vry useful for me plz consider dis mail sir…. thankyou…


sai sravan

You’ll get these kind of compliments because of ur dedication… Keep rocking 🙂

Good day!!

sumalatha chowdary
god bless u……………………….

then only u vl bless me by sending ur valuable, mails………………..grt venkat grt mails……………keep sending nd keep me smiling

sraddha turaga

sir I like your mails but Iam very interested about nature so plse send images like waterfalls,flowers,fruits,

beaches,food items which are very funny I hope that u will send that photos

Ravi Varman
Dear Venkat,

Great to see this mail really you deserve it.  My best wishes  you can make it, you already done it…


sulthan beebee 
Sir, I inspired a lot. I enjoyed verywell.nenu 2years nunchi meeru
pampina mails chusthunna.

A S Rao
Every mail is having its own importance and beyond

 vidyashree k 

hi very nice mails thanks



maresh k
yours mails exellent
rajendra prasad
i am very happy with ur mails mails are wonderfull
srinivas samala
i venkat……………. i like u r emails. great job. wish u all the best.
sariyu saritha
hi really ur msgs r rock…….thank u so much for ur msgs venkat

 sunanda kalthireddy
the mails which was fwrd by u really awesome sir………….where u get all these………….oh my god really fatastic…….u hav gud future sir

Koti Y
THANK U VERY MUCH VENKAT Garu For ur  every day mails.. THANK U

abida pathan 
thank you boss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,UR MSGS WIL HAVE LOT OF MEANING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,KEEP IT UP
dhulipudi venkat
hi venkt a very gud mng  your mails are veryb interesting and i saw
every day your gmail a/c then after i start my work everyday.Pravinkumar Lokhande
HI ,
thanks for such a wonderful emails  which makes my morning special………..

papolu lakshmi
simple super msg about dad and daughter  very super…………………….

…….heart touching……………

pavan kumar reddy juturu 
Dear Venkat ,Your mails are fabulous,

FaIza Aysha

thank u very much for ur sending of such an amazing photos…..really all are nice to see it….keep on doing this work….u are doing a good job..!!!

runa kohli 
thnx 4 sharing such a beautiful msgs……..dng great job……
ChennaRao k 
hai your mails are exelent keep on send me ur mails
Good morning venkat thank you for sending me nice messages panem shiny
hai Venkat Gud Evng. Your mails or so funny and very interesting.
i have listen so many things to your mails


Hi venkat :)your good morning messages ,images ,quotes are simply Awesome 🙂 i  love it 🙂
ur mails r sooooooo nice
Hi venkat hw u get these collection realy u  did great job i likes a
lot im njoying u r mails……………………keep sending to me
Gudmrng Bro………ur msgs r superb..
what sir venkat garu mi fance hurt avutunnam yento mi mails rakapoye sariki yedo raledu annatuntundi sir
new year lo mi mails kosam yenthala yeduru chusamo thelusa sir
subhashini godasu
ur collection was amazing…


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