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The Disaster of Negative Thinking!

The greatest scientists in the world are just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding what our minds are really capable of. The mind is so unbelievably powerful in ways we could never imagine. You and I don’t need to understand exactly how it works, we just need to take care of

Be Patient & Kind! – Inspirational Story

I was on the road, driving to work, and in a hurry to meet an appointment . A car ahead was moving like a turtle and not giving me way inspite of my continuous honking ! I was on brink of losing my cool when I noticed the small sticker on the car’s rear !

Brilliant Story – Think Simple… Do Simple & Live Simple

An engineer in a car manufacturing company designs a world class car. The CEO is impressed with the outcome and praised him a lot. While trying to bring out the car from the manufacturing area to the showroom, they realized that the car is 2 inches taller than the entrance. The engineer felt bad that

Don’t try to Position yourself in Life – Beautiful Story

I attended a Party with a gathering of about 30 people and sat in the front row. A Lady started distributing snacks from the back and unfortunately, it didn’t get to us sitting at the front. Another Lady started handing out Drinks, from the front. But by then I had already moved to the Back.

Mini Story – Softness removes anger, roughness raises rage!

A grudge, resentment or rage you carry by someone known or unknown is like a millstone hanging around your neck. If you have not moved past or ahead of these people or situations, you may create emotional and physical problems which may affect your health or the innocent members who love and support you. Rid

Why do we need a Master? Story of Cow & Tiger

Once upon a time, a cow went out to graze in the jungle. Suddenly, she noticed a tiger racing towards her. She turned and fled, fearing that at any moment the tiger would sink his claws into her. The cow desperately looked for someplace to escape and at last, saw a shallow pond. Barely evading

Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go!

We do many things for others out of our own wish. Sometimes they realize it, sometimes they don’t. We do things for them, because of the bond we share with them, the care we do for them. But when we are forced to do something that does not come out the natural way. Once you