Best Inspirational Story – Quotes on Perseverance

Many of us have high regard for Japanese products that are sold all over the world. Many American and European companies have mortal fear of the invasion of Japanese products in their markets.

Let us take an example of the Honda Company, a leading automobile manufacturer.

If one traces the roots of the company, one can find the perseverance of a very simple and ordinary Japanese man called Honda.

Honda was a simple person. He attempted to design a new type of piston to improve the performance of the cars. He was sure his attempt would yield path breaking results. He offered his designs to Toyota. The engineers turned his offer down, without even meeting him. But he did not lose heart. His repeated attempts at meeting Toyota engineers finally succeeded; but only to see his product ridiculed by them. Not loosing heart, he went in great detail to convince them. At last he obtained an order to supply pistons to Toyota. Honda invested all his resources money, materials, knowledge, hard work as capital and constructed a plant for producing pistons. Suddenly there was an earth quake in Japan that destroyed his factory.

Yet, Honda reposed faith in his own ability!

Once again, he started construction afresh.

When it was ready and the production was to start the following week, world War II broke out.. bombs bombarded Japan and most of the country was devastated and so was Honda’s factory!

Although Honda lost his factory, property, wealth and friends, he did not lose his self-confidence. He continued his efforts and began to construct his factory for the third time.

Today, the Honda Car Company produces and sells more cars than Toyota. Honda was not only an example for the word `perseverance’ but also added honour to it!

Most of us wilt when faced with minor setbacks. We back out when problems recur. Let us study successful people.

Successful people are always a part of a solution, not victims to problems. This is seen clearly from the life of Honda.

Einstein was dismissed from school with a remark that he was a dullard. Had he given up then, the world would never have known the greatest scientist of all times

Norma Jean Baker was a young girl who aspired to be a model. The modeling company rejected her; instead offered her the post of a clerk… If she had buried her dreams of becoming a model, a wonderful film artiste called Marilyn Monroe would never have been the dream girl of many.

Music was the breath for Beethoven a German musician. His hearing was impaired. At the age of forty-six, it became worse and finally he turned totally deaf. For a great musician, nothing could be more devastating than this. Any commoner would have been completely distressed. But Beethoven overcame the handicap. He created great compositions of music that included five rare symphonies.

A newspaper owner told a young artist to pursue any other vocation saying he did not possess creative original ideas. However, the young artist went on to build the Walt Disney Empire through his original idea of Mickey Mouse.

In 1962, the Decca Recording Company turned down the work of Beatles. The Beatles turned out to be such great singers.

`We will succeed’  the desire should burn like ember within us. The ember of enthusiasm should never be put off.

In order to reach the peak of successes, it is but natural that one has to face many impediments. Just as mountaineers face all hurdles like stones, thorns, wild beat, cold, snowstorms one has to face difficulties while progressing towards success. If one gets disheartened and withdraws from the goal, the joy of success would be unattainable!

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