Childhood Was The Best Part Of Our Life | Missing childhood

This message will surely make you nostalgic.
When I was Younger :-

• I’d put my arms in my
shirt and told people
I lost my arms

• Would restart the video
game whenever I
knew I was going to lose

• Had that one pen with
four colors, and tried
to push all the buttons at

• Waited behind a door to
scare someone,
then leaving because
they’re taking too long
to come out.

• Faked being asleep, so I
could be carried to

• Used to think that the
moon followed our

• Tried to balance the
switch between On/

• Watching two drops of
rain roll down window and pretending it was a race

• The only thing i had to
take care of was a
school bag.

• Swallowed a fruit seed I
was scared to death that a tree was going to grow in my tummy.

• Closed the fridge
extremely slowly to see
when the lights when off.

• Walked into a room,
forgot what you
needed, Walked out, and
then remember.

Remember when we were
kids and couldn’t
wait to grow up ?

Childhood Was The Best
Part Of Our Life !!!!
.Missing childhood


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