Happiness is not just a fun…..!!

People work daily; they struggle to survive. Somehow they want to exist. However, they are not happy. The word happiness is like ‘Greek’ to people, as we say around here. However, worst of all is that they know this. But amid so much bitterness, it seems they do not lose the hope of achieving happiness one day without knowing how or in what way.

Organize your day for your happiness

Wretched people! They suffer so much! However, they want to live and are afraid of dying… If people understood something about revolutionary psychology, possibly they would even think differently; but the fact is that they do not know anything. What they want is to survive in the midst of their misfortune, and that is all.

There are pleasant and enjoyable moments, but this not happiness. People confuse pleasure with happiness. Parties, bar hopping, drinking sprees and orgies are brutish pleasures, but they are not happiness…

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