Lesson of Humanity – Motivational Stories for Happy Life

Is it raining outside grandma?
Yes my son its cold night and we shall have go to sleep.
No grandma tell me a story..
OK my child listen..

In a jungle there is a little house and only a single person is living there. That person is very closed to GOD; he pray his GOD every moment and God give him a parrot. When he is On prayer that parrot give him a single piece of apple on every half an hour. He pray and pray through out his life.

Another person is a town he pray once a day he can’t left the social life but one habit is good in that person he love all the humanity; spend a simple life and helps others. God not send a parrot to be his servant and no reward from GOD.

On same day that both die and when they die GOD send that holy person in hell and other is in haven.

Child : Why grandma why that person is near to GOD and pray all the day while the other not.

My son listen that person who lives in jungle can’t say once in his whole life to parrot to eat that piece of apple. He doesn’t love all the creatures of GOD.But the other not quite his social life and also help the poor.

My son love humanity than GOD loves you. All men are equal and GOD doesn’t like that type of prayer.If you love his creatures GOD will love you.

Why we fight for GOD why Adam’s son fight ?
These all fight is for this world and named them Holy wars. My son remember if you love other people all will love and that’s the meaning of this world to live with peace and love; give respect to all people.

Grandma thanks now i will spread peace and love.
My son go to sleep its cold night but remember my lesson

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