What do you understand by this photo – Inspirational Message

The old man at the bottom window represents the people in poverty who can only dream of being like those above him. The man one window above signifies the middle class people who work fairly hard to live. This can be seen from the way the man is pouring water on the tree, not just picking out fruit. The man second from the top represents the upper class who make the lower class do all the work and then take the money. This is signified from the fact that the man is simply picking out fruit without planting anything or pouring water over the tree. Finally, the man on the roof is representing our leaders who do nothing all day, but still have all the protection and resources they need. This can be seen from how the man is under the shadow of the tree (showing he is protected) and the way he has got all the fruit after doing no work whatsoever. Thank you to anyone who actually reads this all the way to the end.

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