Indian Political Jokes – 2014 Elections – Jokes on Politicians

Only election jokes now – Congress has won 8 seats in delhi. Now, they can fit in innova to go to assembly. They are called innova party
Again its proved delhi is not safe for women..

see what happened to sheela dixit!!

2013 Delhi election results:

BAAP : 32
AAP : 28
PAAP : 8

Rahul Gandhi’s latest Blunder…

He was heard saying…

It was due to Whats App… Application which inclined Voters to Vote AAP…
“Mom..! Ab Kya Baaki Reh Gaya Hai, TV Ka Remote Mujhe Do ‘Chotta Bheem’ Dekhna Hai..”
“Hey Sheila, wanna here a joke?”



“I didn’t get it”

All Indians have gifted Soniya Gandhi with outstanding defeat of Congress in all the 4 states on her birthday 9th dec’2013.
Tring Tring.

Sheila: Hello?
Rahul: What is the reason for your defeat?

Sheila: Sirji, AAP ########

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