Whatsapp FB Status Family Jokes in Telugu

Telugu Status Family Jokes:

  • My wife’s like a Toyota; when she starts, she never stops.
  • Went shopping with my other half earlier and she went to try some dresses on and wanted my opinion “Do I look good in this one?” She asked “Nope” “This one?” “Nope” and so I went on for half an hour until she finally said “Surely I must look good in something?” “Yes” I said “In the dark!”
  • The wife said that I never took her out for anything to eat and drink, so took her out for tea and biscuits the other day… it was her first time as a blood donor.
  • The efficiency expert concluded his lecture with a note of caution. “You don’t want to try these techniques at home. Why not? asked someone from the back of the audience. I watched my wife’s routine at breakfast for years, the expert explained. She made lots of trips to the refrigerator, stove, table and cabinets, often carrying just a single item at a time.’Hon,’ I suggested, ‘Why don’t you try carrying several things at once?’ The voice from the back asked, Did it save time?” The expert replied, Actually, yes. It used to take her 20 minutes to get breakfast ready. Now I do it in seven.
  • My wife said, I’ve told you a million times. You are the most forgetful man on earth. Funny, I don’t remember her ever saying that.

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