The Best Love Stories You Have Ever Read.

I love you, for all eternity beyond time distance and death.

The Best friends Love Story:
So here’s a little story about how I found the guy of my dreams. Neither of us remember the day that we met, but it didn’t take long til we were best friends. Everyday somebody would say “you two would make a great couple!” or “are you guys together yet?!” We were both dating other people at the time however. Yet, he was still one of the best friends I had ever made. Everyday through middle school after that we would sit waiting for our bus for about 30 minutes after school just talking away, and everyday when my bus came we would hug bye and sometimes chat on facebook for awhile. Well in eighth grade(while he was in 7th) our band took a trip to DC and while we were there and spent a lot of time together I literally fell head over heels for him!! I had just broken up with my boyfriend and finally figured out that I really had liked him all this time. Problem was however, he still had his girlfriend…… So after deciding I was just gonna let it go and move on I was able to hide my feelings for him(even from myself) for a year. Then one day at band practice he had mentioned he had just broken up with his girlfriend. And after that it was in my head, I never really got over the crush I had on him. So I decided I would give it a shot and ask him out. After he said yes, we dated for three days until it was decided after marching season we would never get to see each other and I still had some feelings for my ex that I needed time to get over. Well I’m really happy to say that a year later, we were both single and he asked me out on October 9th 2012. We fell in love and we’re still going strong 9 months later today. He is my best friend and I can honestly say I have found my soul mate. We’re nothing without each other and plan on spending forever with each other. I love him with all my heart and always will. 🙂 <3


The Chicharon Love Story:
Our love story is very annoying. My current husband was my ultimate crush in elementary. He ignore my presence a lot of times,there’s a line he gave on me before when he knows that i had a crush on him”ug papilion ko sa chicharon or ikaw…chicharun ko ui…”..i was ashamed of my self that time.
When i got in college we met again but suddenly hes in the arms of others…’my cousin”it was so hard at first…but i accept the fact that were not meant to be…”then a month later my cousin broke up w/ him..accidentally he texted me, sharing his sadness about their relationship of my cousin i was w/him all the time.
One day he texted me an expected word;I LOVE YOU..i ignore the message thinking that hes joking on me..but an hour..he went at my house to say it personally….my heart was so overwhelmed,excite,..etc…i say yes on him…Now we got married..and have a child..

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