The best memory you ever had is when you falling in love.

I love you with all of my heart,body,and complete me with you being with me,you make my life worth have known you,to be with you has been a beautiful dream,i can only hope and wish that i never wake up in this sweet dream…i love you

When you go on facebook & see your crush status & its about his ex-girlfriend & he likes you back so whats the point if you going to talk about your ex like come on now.

Love is when he kisses your lips when you wake, saying you’re beautiful even without make-up, he holds your hand when you walk, he hugs and kisses you in a crowd, he proudly says to his friends, “Hey, This is my girl.” and when he still kisses you even though you’re mad at him.

The best memory you ever had is when you falling in love.

If loving you was a crime,i would have been the most wanted criminal.

Sometimes caring is better than loving. Sometimes tea is better than coffee. Sometimes smile is better than laughter. But nobody is better than you.

Did you know that the word love was invented when I met you?

God Is Truly Great he knows where people will be happy, where they can cherish and truly love, even the heaven here on earth.. No wonder he placed me near you.

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