Puzzling Poem

Try cracking this…
I am first in everything,I am the centre of honesty,and the end of all trouble.I am not in difficulty,I always come in time,and am never out of money.I am never in war,always in peaceI come only twice and still make three.I never get in bad company,I always end a dialogue,I always finish the game.I am always in your dreams,And though I am silent in loveBut if I wouldn’t come after u,it wouldn’t be true.So start with me and end with me or else -there’s no escape.

Now find Who am i ???????????? ????(scroll down)
scroll down for the answer

Come on U read my above written text oncemore…….. …. U have to get it now!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Come on………. U didn,t get it………. OKScroll down for the answer– this time


I am the English letter – ‘e’ !!

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