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Best Romantic Love Quotes for Her With Images

It`s Very Sweet When Someone Knows Every Single Detail About YouNot Because You Told Them . . . But Because They Noticed You! “Real relationship doesn’t meanno fight. We fight, but after thatwe forgive each other and startloving each other again.”  You may find some one better than me, worse than me, more exciting than me

What is Love? | Sad Love Quotes | Broken Heart Messages

WHAT IS LOVE…?? . . Its in Those SPECIAL Moments we shared together… Those LAUGH we have together.. Those SECRETS we share.. Those PROMISES we made in heart.. Those DAYS u Wait to meet.. Those Million SORRY I say.. Those CALLS that seem like seconds & we never knew that hours have passed.. Those MESSAGES

What is HUG? Inspirational Love Quotes & Sayings

What is HUG? Its when u love the soul of sum one much & u can not describe your feeling by any communication & want 2 give a loving touch to one whom u LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never loose a person by misunderstanding..! Never miss a person after understanding Love should be by heart.!! Not by

Good Morning Quotes – You are ‘Witness’ of my “Happiness”..!

You are ‘Witness’ of my “Happiness”..! “LOVE is an Unconditional Commitment” to an imperfect person., to Love somebody isn’t just a Strong feeling, It’s a Decision, a Dedication and a Promise..!!! It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all. Engineering girls! best game ever of childhood Like when

Good Morning – Best Love Quotes

Perfect love is not in phone calls or in text messages …. It is the silent smile from your heart …. when you think of your loved ones. Long distance relationships may keep two people far but it is matter of feelings that keeps their hearts connected. Time is great healer. The so called love

Love doesn’t mean to win someone!

Love doesn’t mean to win someone . . . . .: ) It means to lose your self for someone. . . . . But IT IS NOT DONE BY THE EXCELLENCE OF MIND . . .. But It is done by the purity of Heart! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lost My Heart From The Day You Come

A Beautiful Love Story – True Love

This guy from England and this girl from Pakistan met online, and gradually began to chat to each other regularly and became good friends. After a few months, they expressed their love for each other. They were happily in love for a few weeks, until one day suddenly the girl stopped responding to the guys