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Rupee depreciating against US Dollar!

Gist of the Talk delivered by Shri Ratnakar Deole, Ex-Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India at the Meeting held on 4 September 2013                                       At the outset let me thank the organizers for inviting me this evening amongst you all to share my  thoughts on the current burning topic of  Rupee depreciating against US

Oh Baby, you are amazing! | Facts about new born baby

 1 BIRTH When a newborn baby is placed on his mother’s stomach so that she can embrace him, it is no accident that the umbilical cord is of just the right length – approximately 20 inches – to make this possible while the baby is still attached to the placenta. 2 THE BABY’S HEAD The

BENEFITS OF ORANGE! | Daily Health Tips

BENEFITS OF ORANGE !!! Must Share Plz.. Orange is one of the most favorite fruit in the world. Orange is loaded with vitamins, and the most abundant vitamin in orange is Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin protect our body against harmful elements. Orange is Beneficial in the following cases : * Asthma * Bronchitis *

How to make your computer faster | Computer tips

This tutorial will teach you how to increase your operating system speed 3 times faster. this steps should be applied by either slow and fast computers. it will speed up your operating system surfing. there are 28 easy steps. it might take a bit long to apply them all especially if you’re not familiar with


If u lose your mobile in India, you can get it back how ? pl read following Got an interesting fact to share.. Nowadays each one of us carries Hi-Fi Mobile devices and always fears that it may be stolen. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e. International Mobile Identity No which can be used

How old is Yoga? | Facts About Yoga | History of Yoga

How old is Yoga ? Any Guesses…. A 5000 years old seal found from the Indus valley sites shows Lord Shiva performing a very difficult Yogasana pose called as Mulbandhasana in which the feet are folded backwards (inset). This is a highly advanced form of Yoga and Meditation which must have taken a very long


It takes only 2 minutes for a car thief to runaway with your car. No matter you have a trekker and auto-alarming devices fitted in your car. The best safety for your car is a live and active Mobile Phone hidden in a safe place in your car: 1. Buy any low price mobile phone

Why school buses use Yellow and Orange colors?

School buses (color) are mix of yellow and orange, similar to the color of the flesh of a mango. Some of the reasons for using this characteristic color are: Many people believe that red is the most attention-grabbing color but in fact, yellow gets your attention faster than any other color. Even when you are