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52 thoughts on “Welcome to Venkat Mails

  1. Subject: good morning…………

    hello venkat ji,

    u'r mails are simply fabulous and flabber gasting. there is a saying that "eating an apple daily keeps the doctor away" but according to me that"going through u'r messages daily keeps negative thoughts away"…………..iam very much grateful to you for this excellent contribution of such lovely and inspirational thoughts.

    with regards


  2. Actual our office website is restricted one what all i can view in the site was Awesome.Really No Words baba!!!!

    Handsuppp to u….Keep moving lyk dis making dis many ppl happy..lot of greetings 2 u@@@@@:-):-)

  3. Hi bro, you have been awesome at your work. Since, the moment, that I had subscribed to your mails, I was able to know a lot of crazy things around me. You are too good at, capturing the attention of people, and that's my personal opinion. I just called you as bro, because we have similarities in our names 😉 . So, keep sending your mails and all the best for your future……

  4. dear venkat

    i have subscribed to your mails. please keep me posted with your innovations. i happened to see some cool pictures on 'my first kiss' and daddy i love you' they are marvelous.


  5. Dear Venkat,

    What a great service you are doing for a lot like us.

    You keep us happy, active and connected.

    Every day I look for your mail.

    That's why, I programmed my official mail and my personal email into MS Outlook.

    Keep it up, it's a social service of great demand. Regards, nppatro

  6. ur mails are so soothing and awesome.. keep going

    Great job….infact my day starts with you mails …. everyday i see some message to me from that ….

  7. up to now we are unable to express our feelings properly like love happy n soooooooooooooon. but now there is a way to express our every feeling very close to every one heart through venkatmails n also we can enjoy the beauty in nature witout visiting any touristplaces and we can enjoy the sweetness of love with out fall in love,we can inspire with out reading of any moralbooks, we can laugh heartfully with venkatmails n as useual we can start a day with a smile with venkat boostup gdmrng wish.

    And finally if you want to see all angles in ur life just visit http://venkatmails.com/ ALL D BEST

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